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About our Founder 

Meaghan Rysdale

Meaghan Rysdale is a highly educated and deeply passionate college consultant who has equipped students with unique opportunities - seeing students on their way to accomplish goals they never dreamed were possible. Rysdale works with students and their families, setting goals and working to achieve them through collaboration. Her motivation stems from being a first generation college scholar and struggling herself through the process. As a first generation scholar, she set the bar high for her family, going from a fully funded Bachelors Degree into a fully funded R1 Doctorate Degree at the age of 21. After COVID-19 and reflecting on the bleak outcomes within academia, Rysdale decided she enjoyed working 1:1 through mentoring students and decided to pursue Educational Consulting as a full time career - and hasn't looked back since. Her goal is to teach students how to achieve their goals while developing a comprehensive, adaptable skill set they can use such to propel themselves as competitive candidates for their futures. 

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