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Eliza (Michigan State University) & Meaghan

“We’ve said it once, but we will continue to say “thank you” for all of your support, guidance, and expertise that you have provided during the college application journey!”

Eliza, Center Grove High School Graduate

Senior Class of ‘23

Tara, Edison, New Jersey

“​​Meaghan really knows her stuff! She was able to listen to my daughter's needs/concerns and gave her a tailored experience. With my daughter being the eldest of her siblings, this was a new experience for both of us and Meaghan had an answer to all of our questions and put us at ease. Thankfully, my daughter feels a lot more confident in her college application process! Fingers crossed!!” 

Don, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Meaghan, we owe you a BIG one. The process went extremely well and we think this whole experience was very positive. Thanks again because you rock!!!”

Dora, Mission, Texas

“I had a very outdated resume in the wrong format that was cluttered with unnecessary bullet points. Meaghan helped me revamp it just in time for a promotion application and it made a world of a difference. I knew it needed improvements, but I had no clue where to start. Meaghan was patient and took her time to really identify my goals and better capture my experiences. Thanks to Meaghan’s coaching, I was selected to interview and eventually got the promotion!”

“Hoosier Academic Coaching has not only helped me with my college career path but has made me feel confident in attending college and succeeding while I am there. I am so grateful for the friendship I have developed with Meaghan. It has made college planing less stressful. Thank you for all of your help on making me a Screagle! I couldn’t have done it without you! You truly are the best!”

Jessie, Center Grove High School Graduate

Senior Class of ‘23


“Meaghan worked with me on creating a new resume to better represent myself. She was attentive to answering questions promptly and flexible with meeting us at times that worked for my schedule. I would highly recommend using HAC for any career advancement needs as an adult.”

Anonymous Client, Greenwood, Indiana

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“What sets Meaghan apart is her innate ability to break down complex concepts into manageable and relatable pieces of information. She possesses a deep knowledge of the subject matter and a knack for explaining it in a way that resonates with my child's learning style. Through her creative and interactive teaching methods, she made learning exciting and enjoyable, sparking my child's curiosity and instilling a genuine love for the subject. Meaghan's dedication extends far beyond the tutoring sessions themselves. She goes above and beyond to ensure my child's academic success. She takes the time to prepare personalized lesson plans, tailored to address their specific needs and areas for improvement. Her commitment to their progress is evident in the extra time and effort she invests in researching additional resources and materials that supplement their learning. As a parent, I am immensely grateful for Meaghan's open and consistent communication. She keeps me updated on my child's progress, providing detailed feedback after each session. She is proactive in addressing any concerns or challenges, working collaboratively with me to develop strategies that support my child's growth. Her professionalism and dedication give me complete confidence that my child's educational journey is in capable hands.Thanks to Meaghan's hard work, my child's academic performance has improved significantly. Their confidence has soared, and they now approach their studies with enthusiasm and self-assurance. Meaghan's impact on their educational journey cannot be overstated, and I am forever grateful for the positive influence she has had and will continue to have on my child's life.”

Tammy, Indianapolis, Indiana

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“As we begin to write this testimonial about our experience with Hoosier Academic Coaching, to say we were satisfied or had a great experience with Meaghan and Hoosier Academic Coaching does not even begin to capture the amazing experience that we have had and continue to have!  From the first time we met with Meaghan, her experience and genuine commitment to supporting not only our daughter, but all of us as we embarked on the journey of learning everything we did not know about the college application process.  


Meaghan’s first goal was to assess what our daughter’s goals were for college, as well as our goals.  This information allowed Meaghan to tailor her support for what our entire family needed and desired.  Thus, we embarked on a professional relationship that was not devoid of the personal touches and connections that are associated with a friendship. Meaghan spent a lot of time getting to know our daughter personally and academically, which allowed her to coach and advise her on what colleges to apply to that were best suited for her intended major of Animal Sciences and Veterinary Nursing.  Our daughter had a list of 10 colleges that she had researched and wanted to apply to.  With Meaghan’s insight and guidance that list expanded to 21 colleges.  Along the way, our daughter’s academic and career goals expanded to wanting to pursue a DVM degree rather than settling for a degree in Veterinary Nursing.  We know this is the direct result of the relationship and trust that she had built with our daughter and the confidence she was nurturing in her during the hours they spent together working on college essays and applications.  Meaghan’s belief in her academic achievements and accompanying soft skills fueled her to expand her goals and push herself academically and pursue leadership roles during her senior year.  As a result, our daughter was accepted at 18 of the 21 schools that she applied to, and received scholarships as well.  One of the three colleges she was not accepted to was her top choice.  Again, Meaghan was there to support and coach her through the disappointment and more importantly with a plan on how to handle the rejection and pursue her many options.


We are excited to say that our daughter will be attending Michigan State in the fall to pursue her degree in Animal Science with a pre-vet concentration.  The resources and guidance that Meaghan, and Hoosier Academic Coaching, have provided our daughter with the skills and knowledge to pursue academic scholarships from various sources that she/we would have never known about.


Meaghan, and Hoosier Academic Coaching, provided our family with not only guidance and support along the journey of college research and applications, but a community of families and a support system for our entire family! Meaghan’s credentials and skills are top-notch; however, it is her ability to connect with those she is coaching that allows her to tap into their dreams and confidence to relentlessly pursue those dreams.  


If you are considering a partnership with Meaghan, and Hoosier Academic Coaching, we would all highly recommend working with her.  We all agree that we would never have been able to navigate the highly complicated and competitive world of college applications and admissions on our own.  Meaghan made each phase of the process easier by preparing us for each step and holding our daughter accountable for the work to be done and the timelines to be met.  Thankfully the coaching and support from Meaghan has not ended due to our daughter’s acceptance into an amazing university.  Scholarships are still being applied for, resumes written, Linkedin accounts created, job shadow opportunities being explored, and most importantly celebrating the successes of the four seniors that have been on this journey with Meaghan as they prepare for their next chapters.  I wholeheartedly recommend Meaghan and Hoosier Academic Coaching for all families embarking on the college admissions journey!  There’s no one better to accompany you on the long, arduous, and often bumpy journey that leads to goals and dreams being realized and new dreams and goals being created!”

Lisa, Parent of Center Grove High School Student

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“Going to Hoosier Academic Coaching for academic help and guidance was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Meaghan helped me figure out what the best line of study would be and listed out which schools could accommodate me best after I had been unmotivated to complete a degree in my original field of choice.


HAC offers college admissions as well, and I wish there was someone who was around to help like this when I was in high school. I remember the process of selecting and finding the right school to be so stressful, and going to Meaghan would’ve taken that weight off my shoulders. She also offers tutoring in all subjects, meaning that once a student has been admitted to the right college, they’re not going in without support.


Meaghan is detail-oriented and dedicated to her job, bending over backwards to help solve any problems mentioned. Meaghan at HAC brought my motivation back without ever making me feel like I was forced into a path I didn’t want (pressure that I felt with school guidance counselors). All-in-all, Meaghan has been a lifesaver for me, assisting me in finding the right school, the correct major, and keeping in contact to offer help even when her job is done. I look forward to transferring and starting college again this fall.”

Mei, Greenwood, Indiana

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Michelle, Boston, Massachusetts

"We don't know what we would have done without you! Cambridge [University] and [University of] Edinburgh we believed were truly reach programs for us but you exceeded our expectations with helping our daughter to gain admission to both. You are amazing!"

John, Massapequa, New York

"I gotta be honest - when we began the process we shopped around to find someone who was both affordable and dedicated to helping our son. It turned out that not only was Meaghan both of these things but she was the kindest and most hard working mentor. She truly helped our son reach his full potential."

Rebecca, New Haven, Connecticut 

“IECs are everywhere where we live so we were relieved when we discovered Meaghan. She had a unique perspective and was extremely insightful. I feel as though it benefited us to use someone like her because she was far more affordable and had the capacity to go above and beyond for our daughter - who is Cornell University bound!

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