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Speaking Engagements & Workshops

Chief Executive Officer of the National Association for College Admission Counseling, Dr. Angel Pérez & Meaghan Rysdale, June 2023

Why Should Our Program Consider a Speaker Engagement or Workshop?

Schools often have limited time to dedicate to assist students with college planning. Guidance Counselors often have a large number of students to oversee and teachers must focus on meeting standards in order for students to successfully graduate to the next step. As a result, school faculty frequently do not have the time or resources to dedicate to understanding the constantly changing world of college admissions. When Rysdale is not working with students 1:1, she is out visiting college programs meeting 1:1 with admissions counselors understanding the processes behind the world of college admissions. She also frequently attends professional conferences several times throughout the year to meet with individuals such as the Director of NACAC, the Director of Common App, and FAFSA oversight teams to understand changes and the "behind the scenes work" in the world of college admissions. The breadth of knowledge and expertise Rysdale shares is the most recent and up-to-date information in the field. 

What are some topics we can incorporate?

Anything related to college admissions that is needed for the students in your program. Our expertise tends to incorporate areas such as (not exclusive): 

  • FAFSA & CSS Profile

  • Building a Comprehensive School List

  • How to Find Scholarships

  • How to Write a College Essay

  • How to Write a Resume

  • Common App & Coalition

  • How to be Recruited for Sports Scholarships

  • Letters of Recommendation: the Expectation for Teachers

  • SAT / ACT Prep


University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois June 2022


The American University, Washington, DC, June 2023

What is the format for a Speaker Event or Workshop?

A speaker event would take place as a presentation with materials to be distributed to those in attendance. There is no maximum for number of students - as some schools in past have held such in school auditoriums to ensure every student has the opportunity to receive useful information. 

A workshop would take place over a couple to several days and would be a presentation follow up with hands on practice of how to complete tasks such as "writing a college essay" or "standing out on your application." Materials would also be distributed to those in attendance. The maximum number of people in attendance would be 25-35 students to ensure each student receives feedback on tasks in real time. 

Are you interested in providing your students with the opportunity?

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