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St. Johns.heic

We offer tutoring both online and in-person in the following subject areas for students from 6th grade through college level:

  • Pre-Algebra/Algebra

  • Geometry

  • Trigonometry

  • Pre-Calculus/Calculus

  • AP AB / BC Calculus

  • AP Statistics

  • AP Physics

  • Economics

  • AP Chemistry

  • Spanish

  • English

  • French

  • pSAT Prep

  • SAT / ACT Prep

Tutoring prices range from $45-65 per hour depending on the subject material and request. For more details, please schedule a 15-minute call! 


  • What backgrounds do your tutors have?

    • Our tutors are composed of highly qualified academics who have Masters Degrees at a minimum from top tier institutions. ​

  • What screening do your tutors have to ensure safety?

    • Our tutors must complete full background checks or have background checks on file at the Universities they are currently employed by.  ​

  • If we decide to meet in-person for tutoring, where would we meet?

    • Our office located at 3209 W. Smith Valley Road, Suite 239 in Greenwood, Indiana.​ Additionally, we have an open door policy for tutoring sessions meaning doors must not be locked and office window blinds must be open at all times. 

  • If we are remote, can we still receive tutoring?

    • Yes! Our tutors are well versed on how to review instruction in a sustainable format via Zoom - granted, many of us had to teach full instruction courses remote during COVID-19. As a result, we have some thorough methods to keep students engaged. ​Remote sessions can be recorded at the request prior to scheduling and confirming the session. 

  • Can parents attend tutoring sessions as well?

    • Yes! We do not prohibit parents from jumping on remote sessions or being present at our office. However, we do ask they do not actively engage in the session to allow the student to learn at his or her own pace. ​

  • What is the process if we decide to move forward?

    • After scheduling a call, an agreement will be sent stating the hourly rate and assigned tutor with the guidelines for each session. Payment will be collected within 24 hours of service via cash, check, Zelle, electronic transfer, or credit/debit card (3-5% transaction fee for card payment).

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