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College Planning Expert: Do I Need to Hire a College Application Expert?

The college application process has become more competitive than ever. Unfortunately, the admissions process simply isn't the way it was 20, 10, or even 5 years ago. Consider hiring a college planning expert to help polish your college applications to ensure you have the best possible chances at the programs your student is applying for. While a college planning expert may be an expense up front, the potential opportunities a college planner could save your child in the form of admission to a program or building a program list of "good fits" that could result in better job placement upon graduation could far outweigh the costs of hiring a college planning expert from the start. Read on to learn more about college application experts!

Rysdale, a college planning expert, is seen with another female student in a conference space editing college applications on an ipad.
Rysdale provides expert advice to a student on college applications.

What are 5 reasons to hire a college planning expert?

1. To have a Mentor that is highly experienced and knowledgable who will help to guide the student towards a pathway that is suitable and achievable. Additionally, a college planning expert will guarantee your student is staying on top of the process by regularly checking in with them outside of the hours they meet.

2. To help your student stand out amongst others in all applicant pools. For example, if your student is on the cusp of admission standards for a program, you need to ensure you are doing everything else you can to ensure they are competitive.

3. To create a college list that can create merit based opportunities outside of the schools you are already considering. This means a college planner will put together a list of schools in addition to the schools your student already is looking at that will enhance their overall scholarship potential - regardless of whether they have a 3.0 or 4.0 GPA.

4. To ensure the programs your student will end up at are not going to lead to a substantial amount of loans after college. According to the Institute for College Access & Success, in 2020 the average student in Indiana had $28.521 in student loans at graduation.

5. To ensure you are maximizing your financial advantages through the form of scholarships and merit aid. Whether it be enhancing your test scores or improving your overall portfolio that will help you stand out, a college planner can help identify what will make you unique.

If you are looking for a stellar college planning expert that can assist you with college applications, consider reaching out to Meaghan Rysdale at today!


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