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Welcome to Hoosier Academic Coaching!

Hoosier Academic Coaching was founded by Meaghan Rysdale in late 2021. It officially opened for business in May 2022. However, it wasn't until June 2022 until her first client took a risk to see if she could assist with their process in applying to college. Fast forward and one year later Hoosier Academic Coaching has expanded and is supporting clients both remote and in-person!

Rysdale started this business after leaving her role in academia at Indiana University. While she has a deep appreciation for education, she found that during COVID-19, much in the realm of academic life had changed and she appreciated working more with students 1:1. Her motivation to assist students with plans to attend college stemmed from her background as a first-generation college student having to navigate the unknown with little assistance.

"While I am beyond grateful for the life my parents have provided me, we as a family found it extremely difficult to understand the college process when it came time for me to apply to college programs. My teachers and guidance counselor provided very minimal assistance with the process and instead focused their efforts on making sure I received my IB Diploma. While this was helpful with cutting off some time from my Bachelor's Degree, I wish there was more focus on making sure I was preparing for what life would be like after high school."

"I had strong scores that made me highly competitive for rigorous programs, but didn't understand how to apply and make myself stand out among other applicants with the same statistics. I simply wasn't equipped to know what else I needed to do - aside from maintain the highest GPA / grades possible in Honors & AP & IB courses, serve as President of 5 different school and leadership clubs, starting a non-profit 501C3, engage in volunteer work, partake in extracurriculars, perform well on the SAT, play saxophone in the marching band, get strong letters of recommendation and then simply apply to programs. When I started getting those rejection letters from highly competitive programs, I realized something wasn't adding up. Looking back, now I realize I probably would have been admitted to those competitive programs had I have had my future self assisting me through the process. The grades and effort were there, however, the competitive strategies to make me stand out as a strong applicant were not."

Hoosier Academic Coaching was started to help students stand out amongst other competitive applicants and ensure the tracks students are on are indeed the best fit for what their ultimate goals and happiness is.

If I Could Turn Back Time

"If I could turn back time I would call on my parents to find an outside party that could help to mentor me through the college admissions process to ensure I was staying on track for my future goals and aspirations - instead of letting the teachers and counselors around me take the driver's seat on what was best for me."

Consider hiring Hoosier Academic Coaching today to ensure your student has the best opportunities to ensure future independence and success beyond high school. Reach out via email at to see how we can help!


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